How does healing come? How does healing come?

It is not God’s will when one of us is sick. God does not make anyone sick.

When Jesus died for us on the cross, he took all our diseases and illnesses on himself.

What does God think of illnesses?

When Jesus was on the earth, he treated illnesses and broken bodies like an enemy.

In the Bible there are 64 examples of how Jesus healed every sick person present, or one or two people.

He never refused to heal someone, regardless of which illness it was he was treating.

In the book of Acts (10:38 ) Peter says:
“How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him.”

Peter knew that the Devil was the one who tormented the people with illnesses, not God.

Jesus came to earth to destroy the works of the Devil. And therefore he also healed the sick.

When he died on the cross and took all the sins on himself, he also took on all the illnesses, afflictions, deficiencies and weaknesses – forever upon himself.

Can we heal in God’s name?

Just as Jesus commanded his disciples to preach, he also gave them the power to drive out bad spirits and to heal the sick.

Christians today have this same power.

If you believe in Jesus, you too can heal the sick. But first you have to know a few things:

God healed everyone through his death on the cross. Therefore you should not pray: “If it is your will, God, heal X.”

God has healed X, just as he has forgiven all the sins of each and every person.

Be completely convinced in your heart that God always heals because he has already done it! You can achieve this conviction by meditating and reflecting on these places in the Bible where Jesus died for us on the cross and took away all illnesses.

When we pray for the sick, and the sick person himself does not believe in healing, nothing will happen.

Even Jesus could not have done powerful works if the people around him had not believed.

God’s Word is always and eternally true.

If we trust him more than our own senses, the physical truth (e.g. the arm is broken) must also bow to the eternal truth of God (the arm is whole again).
Jesus taught his disciples to speak directly to the problem and not to speak with God about it.

Therefore we do not pray, “Lord, please heal this arm”, but rather command, for example: “Arm, in the name of Jesus, you are healed.”

This may sound unusual, but Jesus and the apostles also prayed in this way. So it will work for us. These are just a few principles that we have to understand so that we can see how people are healed.

For a deeper understanding of that which God has given us, there are suitable books like “You’ve Already Got It” , "God wants you well" and "Sharper than a two-edged sword".

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