This is an association to foster the way how to love God more. This positive change gets visible because we retrain our way of thinking and start to behave differently.

This transformation is a continuous, lifelong process and depending of what we feed our self’s, we reap the fruits thereof. That’s why this teaching is so important. To get an easier access to it the selected choice of literature, DVD’s and music is helping a lot.

Our association is a necessary, legal vehicle, because we carry out our service for people as an NGO (non-governmental (non-profit) organization) and require a suitable legal form for this.

Here are our articles of association as PDF. (in German only)


Association Love-Jesus-More
Summerhaldestrasse 40

8427 Freienstein

Phone 0800 888 442

info (at)

bank account:

Zuercher Landbank, Elgg

IBAN: CH38 0687 7016 1051 3860 8


Verein Love-Jesus-More, 8427 Freienstein