Buehler Family

Buehler Family

We are a family of six, living in Freienstein, Switzerland, and belonging to the Lord Jesus from the smallest to the biggest.

In order to share with as many people as possible what wonderful things we have come to know, we have created the practical Christian guidebooks and the store with selected works. We have already experienced much with our God in our areas of life such as provision with finances, healing with us adults, our children and others.

Robert Buehler
I, Robert, have been working as a CCO at a startup since 2012 and we are launching a new generation of large wind turbines to revolutionize the market (www.agilewindpower.com). I have also been working as an independent consultant since 2001 (see www.expertadvisors.ch). Most recently, I am testing a new market concept to distribute renewable energy locally (see www.pep.energy). I became a Christian at the age of 35 – see My Christianity.

Anneliese Buehler
My wife, Anneliese, allowed herself to be found by Jesus at the age of 26.
She has been a special education teacher, a banking professional and now she is a full-blooded housewife and mother.

Anna, born in 1997

Camilla, born in 1998

Stefan, born in 2000

Johannes, born in 2004